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  • How do I adopt a dog through Bridge to Home Animal Rescue?
    We appreciate your interest! If you are looking at a particular dog on our website that you want to apply for, fill out the adoption application and email it to the respective foster. Their email will be listed with the dog(s) they are fostering. If you are interested in multiple dogs, be sure to send your application to each foster. If you have a general inquiry or you are looking for a specific type of dog that is not currently posted on our website, we advise you to check back on a regular basis. Additionally, Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Instagram.
  • What is the adoption process for Bridge to Home Animal Rescue?
    The first step is to fill out an application for the dog(s) you are interested in and send it to the specified foster's email. You will hear back from the foster only if your application was approved. From there, the foster will set up a meet and greet at a neutral location. You need to have all family members and other dogs present at this meeting. Sometimes multiple meet and greets are set up at adoption events. If all goes well at the meet and greet, you may be able to go home with your dog that day.
  • How much does it cost to adopt a dog through Bridge to Home Animal Rescue?
    Please note that these standard adoption donation may vary slightly in some cases: $150 for senior dog (8 years and up) $350 for mixed adults (1 to 8 years) $350 for mixed puppies <1 year old Varies for unique puppies/adults
  • Why do I have to pay to adopt through your rescue?
    Saving dogs is a costly endeavor. Your adoption donation goes directly to the organization to help pay for the spay/neuter procedures, necessary shots/vaccines, microchipping, and take home bag. We also often travel out of state to pick up unwanted pups, so fees in gas and wear and tear on our rescue vehicle add up fast. Please note that we are a 100% volunteer organization. The adoption donation sustains the organization.
  • I submitted an application but no one has gotten back to me. How long does it take?
    Thank you for your eagerness to find out about the status of your application! We appreciate your patience. The majority of the fosters have families and full-time jobs and some dogs receive dozens of applications. The foster will respond if your application fits the particular dog's needs.
  • How and when will I find out if my application was approved?
    The foster will contact you via email or by phone to set up a meet and greet at a pet store that has a kennel license.
  • Why wasn't my application approved?
    Some dogs and puppies receive multiple applications. If you were not approved this time, it does not necessarily mean you will not be the next time. Do not hesitate to try again for another dog. The fosters look out for the best interest of the particular dog and that dog’s specific needs. Please keep in mind that some dogs receive multiple applications with several approved applicants. The fosters ultimately decide on what is best for the dog when selecting the family. If you are not selected, we hope this experience will not deter you from applying again.
  • If I already submitted an application for one dog, but am now interested in another one, do I have to fill out another application?"
    Yes. You do need to fill out a new application. Every dog has its own needs. We treat each dog an individual case. Additionally, each dog has its own foster. As long as the information on your application is up to date, you can change the dog’s name on the application and send the application to a different foster for a different dog.
  • When do you have adoption events?
    Please check our Events page on our website and Facebook. We typically have 2 to 3 adoption events per month at local partnering pet supply stores. We also usually have adoptable dogs at our fundraising events that you are always welcome to attend.
  • Can I adopt from Bridge to Home directly at an event?
    Yes, this is absolutely possible. If you know an event is coming up and you are interested in a specific dog, we do advise that you fill out the application in advance. You can certainly fill out the application onsite, but we need to do a vet check and make sure all family members and other dogs are with you for a meet and greet.
  • Why does it take so long to adopt a dog?
    Our adoption process may seem rigorous to some, but we want to make absoluty sure that the pup is placed in the best home possible. Sometimes, a dog may have experienced trauma or has been shuffled around a lot. Our goal is to find a forever home - the dog's last stop on its sometimes-tumultuous journey. Finding the perfect match can take a bit longer with some dogs. We appreciate your patience in all cases.
  • My adopted dog has gone missing. What should I do?
    Please contact the rescue immediately by emailing with your dog's name at adoption or message us on Facebook. We have a wide network of contacts and can get the word out quickly.
  • Can I adopt other animals through Bridge to Home Animal Rescue?
    The name of our rescue may be a little misleading. We are primarily a dog rescue. The only time other animals are adopted through our rescue is when that animal is bonded to a dog we are saving.
  • How can I become a foster parent with Bridge to Home Animal Rescue?
    If you are interested in fostering, please visit our "Join Our Team" page and fill out the volunteer application and release. A seasoned volunteer will be in touch with you about the next steps.
  • I cannot foster right now, but I still want to be involved in your organization. How else can I help?"
    That's great to hear! While fostering is a very important need of the organization, there are so many other ways to help: adoption event support, fundraising, event coordination, adoption counseling, transportation, and paperwork. We also have a Wishlist on Amazon. You could consider setting up your Smile.Amazon account with Bridge to Home as the recipient organization. If you are not an Amazon shopper or do not have any disposable income at the moment, that's ok too! Please like/follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and help spread the word about BTHAR. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our "Join Our Team" page and fill out the volunteer application and release. A seasoned volunteer will be in touch with you about the next volunteer orientation.
  • Where do the dogs come from?
    We get calls from all over - mostly local shelters that are at capacity especially if they are kill shelters. However, more recently in 2019, we have been collaborating with PAART (Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team) and have rescued dozens of discarded dogs and puppies from Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • What breed of dogs do you have?
    For the most part, our dogs are mixed breed. We do our best to describe the breed by specific features they have and information from the shelter. Oftentimes, dad isn't in the picture so we can only go by mom's traits.
  • Where is your shelter located?
    We are 100% foster organization, which means that we do not have a shelter. The dogs come in; we do their intake, which includes paperwork, microchipping, and often flea baths. The foster parents are on standby to pick up their dog(s) and take them home until they are adopted. They become the 'family' dog until the right forever family comes along.
  • I live out of state, can I adopt from you?  What is your service area?"
    Out of state adoptions are permitted as long as you live within a 2 hour driving radius of Eighty Four PA which is our service area.
  • I found a dog but am not sure what to do. Can I drop it off with you?
    Under Pennsylvania state law, we are not permitted to take in any stray dogs. You need to call Animal Control in your area.

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